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Email Ads Marketing

You’ve worked hard on building your impressive email list. You’ve also done your homework and know all about personalizing messages and making them mobile friendly. Although these practices are important for your marketing strategies, none of them will produce the results you’d like if you’re sending out the wrong emails.


Newsletter Emails

Newsletters are very popular and are usually sent out on a consistent schedule. They often contain the company’s blog content, upcoming events, and any updates about your company that would be of interest to your subscriber.


Lead Nurturing Emails

These emails involve guiding your leads through a sales funnel and converting them into customers. The general idea of lead nurturing is that your subscribers are not yet ready to buy from you. The customer/company trust first needs to be built. This is achievable through the helpful content you’ll be sending out in these emails.


Milestone emails

There are several stages that a customer goes through while interacting with any brand. As they go through the customer cycle (new subscriber to a customer), it’s important to highlight milestones such as anniversaries and birthdays. Your milestone emails are there to celebrate these moments.

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